@der_On Ahh, that makes waaay more sense😅 And I'm totally digging these folks! Listening to the August 2015 mix now, and already a little heartbroken there's nothing new from them in the last few years here. Digging a little more, looks like maybe they either changed their name or some other jazz group bought their domain? Points to "Straight No Phaser" now.


Hey! New to mastodon myself, and stumbled across your post looking for people to connect with about when totally caught my eye and imagination. What's that about?

Hoping for some good black Friday deals to expand my toolkit a bit. In particular looking to upgrade to a higher tier of Ableton or pick of NI Komplete. Give me a shout if there's anything I should check out!

Hey all!

I'm a music lover of all genres, and a fledgling amateur producer looking to make some tunes with a focus on electronic and jazz.

I've created this instance to be a home for all things music: writing/producing/creating, sharing and getting feedback, or talking about favorite bands and new releases.

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